Perfect Sound Distribution

'Introducing an elegant & clever way to enjoy sound'

Everyone visits a restaurant or other public space once in a while, and some people that pay attention to it notice that the speakers in the room are in the four corners or appear once every couple of meters. The subwoofer (if present) is large and placed in a corner.


The downside of such a set up is that the sound is not that well distributed and the speakers have a negative influence on the interior architecture since they have to be quite sizable to provide enough sound. Especially for specific design - and high end environments these kind of compromises are not desirable.


With Scheek Smooth Sound Distribution we introduce a way to distribute sound most elegantly. Instead of using a couple of sizable speakers, we use many smaller integrated speakers. Also the large subwoofer is replaced by multiple smaller integrated large excursion subwoofers. In terms of air displacement this solution is at least as powerful, and the advantages are valuable: much better sound distribution, subtle visual presence. We believe that every public space that has a specific design can appreciate the beauty of this system, the ears and eyes will most definitely pleased.


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