'Carrying in more than one way'

Not too many entities can express the same level of strength and elegance as a well placed column. Slender and round, or brute and square: the variation in possibilities  - if not used for structural purposes - is rather well endless. We love the idea of using a whole tree, or the idea of slatted wood for a semi-see-through (and thus more open) situation. Combining steel with raw woods and concrete creates a strong industrial look that almost everybody can appreciate. High gloss stones and polished materials create a classic sophisticated atmosphere. An interesting quality of columns is the fact that they are great for Scheek Tailored integration. The volume and look of these pillars enable us to create columns of sound that blend well - as a catching detail or disguised - with the interior design.  Find more inspiration on our Pinterest board.

  wood column   c633d4534f4f5f1426dc07315b1122bflight column