The Shelfs

'Well placed stories'

As books are becoming relics of a time with more physical products, the (book)shelf is becoming something that some would deem obsolete. We would encourage anyone to keep on acquiring books, but if that is not for you, the shelf itself can be an interesting object on its own or it can be used for other objects than books. Looking at a book in a more abstract fashion, one could see it as 'a container of good stories'. An object that holds a dear memory does the same, as does music that you love. - depending on the volume - A shelf can be an object of sound, or a small loudspeaker can be placed on top of it. Using a shelf these ways keeps them relevant; it would be a shame if these elegant wall embellishments would disappear.  Enjoy our small library of shelf-pictures on our pinterest page, and be inspired.

  shelf3 shefl shelf2