Bronze book

'A true jewel'

In Bilthoven (Netherlands) you can find the most beautiful houses, and Scheek had the pleasure to work with the best architects, to find a solution for a customer that required something extraordinary. In the large livingroom with perfectly tailored furniture there is a large tv-cabinet. High quality sound has to appear from that direction. However, simply a speaker on the wall or in the closet was no option, because there was no existing (high quality) loudspeaker with a design that aesthetically satisfied the owner of the house.



Scheek-Tailored came with the answer within a day. A loudspeaker with a shape inspired by books and the finish inspired by an Audemars Piguet watch. The shape is easy to accept because books also fit in a cabinet. The finish is something specifically designed by the interior architect to make it an eyecatcher. A pure bronze enclosure with the unique Audemars Piguet screws. The loudspeakers have to be able, to fill the whole room with a powerful sound because there may be a party now and then. To make this possible, we designed a subwoofer integrated in that same tv-cabinet. This subwoofer is not visible from any angle.


These loudspeakers are a combination of finely brushed bronze (giving it a rosé golden look) with stainless steel screws.