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If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment to discuss your project, you can contact us through the form below or through Designspeakers in Leiden has a showroom with Scheek speakers, visit our BUY page to contact him.


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We at scheek-loudspeakers have high standards on behalf of the manufacturing of our loudspeakers. If there is anything wrong with the loudspeakers you received, we lend free (under most circumstances) repair services and parts. The warranty we offer is an addition to the standard warranty our resellers offer. The warranty does only apply to:

  • – Products which are bought at a renowned scheek-loudspeakers reseller. All renowned resellers can be found on the scheek-loudspeakers website under ‘resellers’. The warranty is valid for 5 years from the moment of purchase.

The warranty applies to:

  • – Reparations of the loudspeakers because of manufacturing mistakes. Any other costs and risks during transport or installation of the product are not covered by this warranty.

  • – The original owner of the loudspeakers. The warranty cannot be transferred to a second or further user.

  • – Problems which are detected and caused on – and before the moment of purchase.

The warranty does not apply to:

  • – deterioration of parts due to natural wear.

  • – Damage caused by incorrect installation, connecting of the set, or removing the packing when it is performed by the buyer. When scheek-loudspeaker technicians cause damage, the warranty will be applicable.

  • – Damage caused by using the product differently than instructed in the manual

  • – Products where the cap over the woofer has been taken of, or where the cross-over of the loudspeaker has been opened.


  • Mail:

  • Phone (mo-fri 09.00-18.30): 06 48 19 62 84

  • KVK 572 433 36

  • BTW 852 498 421 B01

  • Office-address: Maassluisstraat 2 Amsterdam

  • Terms & Conditions


'All the latest'

There is always something interesting going on in and around Scheek, and this page enables you to stay informed.


'Curved Captivating Power'

Scheek M-series are perhaps the worlds most powerful and complete compact loudspeaker. The technology and many parts in this loudspeaker are derived from our first creation:The 1a.


'Existence is the only limit'

Nature provides with an incredible library of beautiful materials, Scheek is able and willing to provide in a wide spectrum of these embodiments of color and structure.