scheek dsp technology

'The optimum'

Scheek uses state of the art drive units. Even the single best drive unit on earth is not able to reproduce the lowest and highest tones with autority, precision and low disortion. Loudspeakers need multiple drive units and crossovers to be able to meet these qualities. When you ask any loudspeaker-designer what the best crossover is, he will tell you that ‘no crossover’ is the best possible crossover. Every crossover component decreases the purity of the signal and sound. However, without these components there is a lot of overlap between drive units. A comprimise that is used in many great loudspeakers to approach this ideal, is the simplistic ‘first order’ crossover. Other loudspeaker-designers accept the drawbacks of crossovers and use complex filters, with a lot of crossover-components, cables and joints.


Digital signal processing

'Lossles reproduction'

Scheek uses DSP in tailored speakers. With Digital signal processing it is possible to achieve the ‘no-crossover’ ideal without the overlap between drive untis. Because the processing is done in the digital domain, there is no loss in quality. With the DSP the crossover can be more complex and precise than ever possible before. The DSP combined with other technologies from Scheek, opens the possibility to design loudspeakers for a specific space at a level never seen before. The sound of a loudspeaker was never as tailored as with Scheek


'A flawless fit'

Sound is something that can come in many forms and shapes. A range of standard products is always limited, while our imagination and the variation in rooms is not.


'Knowledge comes through hearing'

To hear is to know. Visit our Premium dealer Designspeakers in Leiden to listen to Scheek speakers. Click the link below to make an appointment.


'Existence is the only limit'

Nature provides with an incredible library of beautiful materials, Scheek is able and willing to provide in a wide spectrum of these embodiments of color and structure.