scheek endoskeleton

'Curves & bones'

When a loudspeaker represents sound, it should be represented as recorded. Vibrating loudspeaker-enclosures lower the quality of the representation. The more rigid the enclosure, the less the panels will vibrate. Scheek created innovative techniques to enhance the rigidity of the enclosure, which minimizes this form of distortion.



'Nature knows best'

Most conventional loudspeaker enclosures are rectangular shaped. Rectangular enclosures are easy to produce, but reach a limited amount of rigidity. Even when loudspeakers are made from steel or aluminum, the rigidity will be limited when the enclosure is just a simple rectangular shape. To be able to design the best loudspeakers, we required something that surpasses these limitations. One of our most important inspirations to achieve this goal is nature. Nature does not know rectangular shapes. There were rigid constructions are necessary, organic and round shapes are being applied. To enhance the rigidity where it matters most, the round shapes are being combined with skeletons. Clever designers applied this science in their niche, and this has proven to be very beneficial. For example, framework – derived from skeletons – and organic shapes, are indispensable for sports cars.


'Extremely rigid'

The curves and density of the EndoSkeleton is most intense near the drivers (where panel vibrations are most imminent). The EndoSkeleton is multidirectional to support the enclosure in all directions and can be made from MDF, aluminium or stainless steel. The EndoSkeleton is a unique system, and is the most effective way to prevent coloration caused by vibrating panels.


'Perfect optimization'

Scheek uses state of the art drive units. Even the single best drive unit on earth is not able to reproduce the lowest and highest tones with autority, precision and low disortion. Enter DSP technology, changing the rules of the game.


'Knowledge comes through hearing'

To hear is to know. Visit our Premium dealer Designspeakers in Leiden to listen to Scheek speakers. Clikc the link below to make an appointment.


'Existence is the only limit'

Nature provides with an incredible library of beautiful materials, Scheek is able and willing to provide in a wide spectrum of these embodiments of color and structure.