‘Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.’ If you are looking for a spacious feeling in a room, using floating objects is a great way to get there. Because the floor remains free, the room looks less crowded with objects while you still have the same storage – and decorating surface in the sense […]

‘One more round’ Perfectly straight lines are pleasing to the eye, but how about breaking a big surface with a circle? Circles can be found in any object, from a chair to a window. The beauty of circles is something that has prevailed through all times and cultures of design, using this shape is a […]

‘Interesting on more than one level’ Flat can be a bit boring at times. To get a more playful environment, adding layers to your interior is a marvelous way of acquiring a lovely multi-level living space. The openness that comes out of this way of architecture is something that will certainly be enjoyed by whom […]

‘Pas de pivot’ Barn doors have an intrinsic beauty and a functional advantage over regular doors. Because they do not rotate about a point, they do not intrude a space in a direction where it might be unwanted. The sliding doors move in line with the wall, creating space and a tranquil environment. Many cultures […]

‘Alignment’ Certain patterns manage to keep attracting us. One of these patterns – mostly created by pieces of wood – is the herringbone style. Classy and chic, and can be used in a wide variety of interiors. Mixing colors and materials makes it exciting in a way, using one color or material tends to have […]

‘Artistic chic’ Ceramic tiles are as timeless as time itself. With the wide variety in availability it is not that difficult to find a style that matches your desires. To make it more personal and in line with our current time, we love the idea of ‘mismatched’ tiles, creating an extensive pallet of colors and […]

‘Wood and warmth’ A Japanese bathroom design, lines aligned and equally spaced. The combination of bamboo or wood and lines create an interesting an characteristic style that we know and adore. Playing with light and the color of the wood creates a warmth that is hard to achieve through other materials and designs. Combining the […]

‘Brick by brick’ Make your home come alive by exposing the underlaying bricks of one of the walls. If you are feeling brave you can do more than just one wall, but focusing it on one side increases the accent and can make it more interesting to the eyes. Some of the bricks can be […]

‘Deep lines’ Minerals will be a very important part of the interiors of the coming decade. As time passes by, people are feeling the need to reconnect with nature through green, openness, earth and stone. The latter has the potential to be the most luxurious of the three, and because of natural aging and sturdiness […]

‘In trusses we trust’ Showing the internal structure of a building through trusses is a way to get an industrial look. Wooden trusses add to a natural look, and give a more natural/organic/soft look and feel compared to steel. If the building has aged, the aged trusses can also add to the feeling that the […]

‘The weather outside is frightful’ A cozy fire in the coldest months of the year, how delightful. We appreciate new approaches towards classic designs that respect the originals while adding something original. In the fireplace department we like the open designs. These fireplaces are not placed against the wall, which  gives it a more free and […]

‘Aural Reminiscence’ Precious memories deserve to be displayed in the most alluring way possible. Special images belong to be in special frames, do not spend to little time on finding the frame that compliments the photograph best. A floating or standing frame is also a great front or housing for Scheek Tailored sound. A photo frame […]

‘Verte Verticale’ Green in the house has so many advantages, and a  vertical green wall is a way of having green in the house in a present-day way. Especially for city dwellers whom are losing the contact with nature: a living wall is a great way to get this connection back.  A green wall has great acoustic […]

In times of turmoil it is necessary that you have a place where you can find some peace and quiet. If you are a person that likes nature and are not fond of the cold, you will find joy in window seats. Some integrated, others are built before the window. With tripartite smart-glass you do […]

‘Well placed stories’ As books are becoming relics of a time with more physical products, the (book)shelf is becoming something that some would deem obsolete. We would encourage anyone to keep on acquiring books, but if that is not for you, the shelf itself can be an interesting object on its own or it can be used […]

‘Carrying in more than one way’ Not too many entities can express the same level of strength and elegance as a well placed column. Slender and round, or brute and square: the variation in possibilities  – if not used for structural purposes – is rather well endless. We love the idea of using a whole […]

‘If the walls could choose’   Winter is coming and a little extra warmth (visually and/or physically) is very welcome. A good way to to achieve a warmer look and feel, is to dress the wall with decorative panels. By covering a part or a full wall (what fits the room the best) it is […]

‘Please, enter’ The hallway is not just the part of the house that connects one door to another. It is the very first part that we see of the building that is being entered. A hallway must therefore speak the words that you want a visitor to hear: ‘welcome’ or maybe ‘Look at me’. By […]

not following any one system, as of philosophy, medicine, etc., but selecting and using what are considered the best elements of all systems. An interesting development in interiors is the ‘eclectic style’ trend. Some would describe it as a jumble, and if done incorrectly this description is accurate. When created by an expert, an organized but […]