‘Introducing an elegant & clever way to enjoy sound’ Everyone visits a restaurant or other public space once in a while, and some people that pay attention to it notice that the speakers in the room are in the four corners or appear once every couple of meters. The subwoofer (if present) is large and […]


‘Perfect sound distribution’ For a 216m2 restaurant in Amsterdam, Scheek Tailored designed a unique sound system. To make sure that the sound is evenly distributed over the whole restaurant, a smart and unique system is applied (smooth sound distribution). Beneath and in a rustic beam a 9 cm high 18 meter wide array of loudspeakers is mounted over […]


‘2015, you have been kind’ 2015 has been an incredible year for Scheek, and the next one will be even more extraordinary! In 2016 we will show you more of our Tailored projects (visit our website for a sneak peek) and carry on in our mission to enrich your view on sound. See you on […]


‘A sound garden’ How nice would it be to live in a crowded city like Amsterdam, and still have a large garden where you only hear the wind through trees and your favorite music. A Scheek-tailored owner is one of these people that made this dream happen. Good outdoor sound quality is hard to find […]


‘A true jewel’ In Bilthoven (Netherlands) you can find the most beautiful houses, and Scheek had the pleasure to work with the best architects, to find a solution for a customer that required something extraordinary. In the large livingroom with perfectly tailored furniture there is a large tv-cabinet. High quality sound has to appear from […]


‘Aural memorabilia’ Imagine sound coming from an image of a memory that you cherish, a loudspeaker that has intangible value. With the loudspeakers that were designed for a young couple in Maarssen this became the result of a fun and open brainstorm session. Full range sound through two framed canvasses and a subwoofer that has […]

lijstje 3

Great news, our friends from Pelican House have reached their crowdfund goal! Congratulations on behalf of Scheek loudspeakers, we had a great time in supporting with the sound development and are curious of what the future might bring. The crowdfund is still open to those who want to be among the people that have the […]

Rotterdam 25-08-2015 - Tom Leenders en Dorus Galama van de Pelican House. fotografie:Sanne Donders

We have seen leather from many sources, but this kind is fairly rare: salmon leather. Salmon leather has a snake skin like structure but feels much softer. An interesting thing about salmon leather is the fact that is an eco-friendly material: the salmon skin that usually is disposed off, is now being used. Furthermore its […]

salm leather

A clever home that is comfortable and looking exactly the way you want it. Everyone is getting more and more familiar with home automization (closing curtains with an app, turning on the heat at home from the office etcetera). As an innovative high end loudspeakers company, we love technology. What we do not love is to […]


‘Barking up the right tree’ Our material section is being updated regularly with new and suprising materials. Last week, acquaintances of ours went to Portugal and took taned cork with them for us. Locals call it ‘the new leather’ because it has similar properties in i.a. strength, water resistance and surface feel, and has the […]


‘Using unnoticed space’ In the showroom of Slijkhuis Interieur we made use of space that allowed us to create subtle spreaders of sound. Two loudspeakers with a width of 5cm where installed between wooden trusses. The loudspeakers are tuned to perfection through DSP technology and an innovative hybrid crossover. Behind the wall with the trusses […]


As a company that loves innovation and sustainability we enjoyed developing the sound of Pelican House‘s lovely headphone. Great sound and service available for the greater public. Read the following article to learn more. We wish them the best of luck building their brand! http://www.sprout.nl/…/c…/deze-koptelefoon-kun-je-niet-kopen  


Saturday the 20th and sunday the 21st of June, we had the pleasure of providing sound and design @ Designer Festival Winterswijk. It has been a great weekend with lots of inspiration and interesting people. It was held at a building that is being renovated for a new purpose. For more information about the destination […]


‘Cute and tough’ A young couple desired a stereo-set to enjoy their music from. The regular M-series would be to big, but they did desire a powerful and fullrange sound. The result is a combination of mini-m series with a strong mini-sub which is placed next to the couch. MATERIALS INSPIRATION & POSSIBILITIES

m-series mini

‘A special request’ Some people want something that no one in the world has. Scheek-tailored is able to realize this. A young woman bought a ‘grachtenpand’ in Amsterdam, and is intrigued by history and fiction. Old wood, copper and ornaments are important ingredients to create the house she always dreamed of. The following things were […]

thumbnail amstel

M-series in Apartment March 19th, 2015 An interior filled with beautiful art, and four M-series. Two M-series on the wall in the dining room, and two on stands in the living room. Subtle and blending in with the colors and materials of the rooms. Can you spot them? Interior by Studionest & BNLA. Photography by […]


Article Webzine MAY 20th, 2015 ‘Where design and sound quality come together’ – Daily Cappucino READ ARTICLE

nieuws 18052015

Luidspreker demonstratie MAY 13th, 2015 *Dutch* De heren van Testhut waren benieuwd naar hoe de M-series klonken, en wij gingen langs om de speakers te demonstreren. Altijd leuk om de mening van anderen over de speakers te horen. Benieuwd naar hun bevindingen? KIJK FILMPJE


Scheek Black Lava Stone February 23rd, 2015 In a long search for a luxury finish that did not exist for interior products, we enriched the 1a with dark lava-stones. Inspired by classic icons, the Scheek 1a ‘Black Lava stone’ is as classy as it is beautiful.

Scheek audio loudspeakers black lava stone

TV Item FEBRAURI 9th, 2015 As promised, the item about Scheek in ‘Alles over Wonen’. We have added english subtitels for those who do not speak dutch. Feel free to share it with your friends! Watch Item

Scheek Alles over Wonen

Scheek on tv January 23rd, 2015 *Dutch* Scheek op tv! Zondag 1 februari om 16.00 op sbs6 vertellen wij iets over high end design speakers. Kijken jullie mee?


Speakers in the kitchen January 15th, 2015 Start the year in a healthy way by cooking fresh meals in your own kitchen, while listening to your favourite music. This fully aluminium M-Essence makes a perfect fit for this kitchen!

m-series keuken opgehangen-Recovered-001

M-series White & Wood DECEMBER 24th, 2014 We are wishing all our Facebook friends and family a most lovely christmas! Inspired by beautiful interiors, we were requested to create the M-series White & Amsterdam Nut Wood; this exquisite set will be spreading peaceful music these joyful days.

Scheek M-series Wood interior

M-SERIES MATTE BLACK & LEATHER NOVEMBER 24th, 2014 To complete the celebration of Designspeakers, we created a beautiful special edition of the M-Series R, using a unique natural leather combined with a matte black finish, for an experience that speaks to the senses.


DESIGNSPEAKERS 10! NOVEMBER 18th, 2014 This Friday we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of our premium reseller Designspeakers! His showroom in Leiden will be open from 16.00 to display Dutch Design, small foods and drinks will be served to visitors. We will also be present, to tell something about our vision on loudspeakers and design. […]


LIFESTYLE.NL OCTOBER 8th, 2014 Today Lifestyle.nl – the biggest Dutch network in lifestyle – posted an article about our just-released M-series loudspeakers. Read the article by clicking the button below. READ ARTICLE


Release M-series OCTOBER 1st, 2014 Today we release our new line of loudspeakers:The Scheek M-series! Discover our small loudspeaker, in all its greatness. EXPLORE M-SERIES


the copper scheek 1a JUNE 27th, 2014 With the Scheek 1a, covered in a good layer of real copper, we are taking the term ‘exclusive’ to a new level. Virtually nothing is impossible when it comes to special finishes, thanks to our collaboration with one of the very few experts in this field, Delade interior.


FOTOSHOOT NEW SPEAKERS June 17th 2014 The fotoshoot of last week brought us a lot of lovely pictures of our soon to be released M-series speakers. Through this message we would like to thank Schram keukenlab for the beautiful location, It’s Given for the models, Chaka for the music, and Xavier Ravenberg AV for the […]

FINISHES MAY 20th, 2014 Scheek offers an immense range of colors and materials. Metals like copper and bronze, leathers, woods, and many many more. With the soon to come M-series, these finishes come within reach for everyone with limited space, but immeasurable style.

M-SERIES COMING SOON MAY 1st, 2014 In rooms where size matters, smaller is bigger. Our lovely smaller loudspeaker – the Scheek M-series – is coming soon!

NEW SPEAKERS COMING MAY 1st 2014 In rooms where size matters, smaller is bigger. Our lovely smaller loudspeaker – the Scheek M-series – is coming soon!

1a Arrived at premium reseller APRIL 17th, 2014 The Scheek speakers have taken their place on the red carpet, and can be visited now at Designspeakers Leiden! view our reseller page for more information: www.scheek-loudspeakers.com/Resellers

scheek brand in Designspeakers APRIL 7th, 2014 The Dutch clouds are raining tears of joy, the Scheek brand has landed in Designspeakers Leiden! We are now preparing the speakers for the store. Stay up to date through our page to see when you can visit the reseller.

Industrial design business fair MARCH 20th, 2014 Today we had a great time inspiring and educating students at the Industrial Design Business fair in Delft. The fair and its complete setting is designed by and for TU Delft students, to reduce the gap between student and company. Come and stop by tomorrow if you have […]

1000 likes FEBRUARY 17th, 2014 More than a thousand happy faces, smiling at Scheek-loudspeakers: how great is that? We are also closing in on the date where we reveal our first premium dealer… Thank you all for your interest, and keep an eye on our page!

interview nestt magazine FEBRUARY 19th, 2014 Last week we enjoyed being interviewed by Nestt, a great magazine about beautiful and exceptional interior and design (products). Curious what we talked about? view the article through the link READ ARTICLE

scheek speakers in ladygadgets blog JANUARY 29th, 2014 One of the greatest challenges of designing a bigger loudspeaker, is to create something that women find attractive. There was a big smile on our faces when we saw the enthusiastic words of the redaction of ladygadgets, that loves the design of our 1a! Click the link […]

Feature ladygadgets JANUARY 29th 2014 One of the greatest challenges of designing a bigger loudspeaker, is to create something that women find attractive. There was a big smile on our faces when we saw the enthusiastic words of the redaction of ladygadgets, that loves the design of our 1a! Click the link to view the […]

PREMIUM Reseller coming soon JANUARY 16th, 2014 We are happy to announce that the agreement with our first premium reseller has been made! Keep an eye on our Facebook page and website to stay up to date.

thank you 2013 DECEMBER 30th,2013 2013 was a lovely year, and 2014 will be even better! We are also happy to have reached 500+ likes just before the new year. Enjoy these last days of the year, and see you all on the other side.

holiday action DECEMBER 3rd, 2013 To enrich your view on sound we are giving away 3 vouchers to spend on LP’s,CD’s, or high quality digital downloads in the coming two weeks. Make a chance on receiving an early christmas gift!

INTERIEUR WEBSITE NOVEMBER 24th, 2014 Scheek loudspeakers are not just loudspeakers, but also interior design objects. Interieur-website.nl shares this point of view, and introduced the Scheek 1a to its readers! Click the link below to view the article. EXPLORE

nieuws-item 26102013

SCHEEK PRODUCTION OCTOBER 21st, 2013 The unique shape of the 1a requires a unique production process. Because of its complex construction, the 1a has to be built with military precision to achieve the highest quality standard. This is a shot of the loudspeakers in production. Production done by Delade.

scheek 1a production

CHARMING STORY OF OWNER OCTOBER 3rd, 2013 This new owner of the SCHEEK 1a had a charming story about buying the speakers. We thought it would be nice to share it with you! ”I bought the speakers for my study room upstairs. I did about 300 books away and completely rearranged the room, because I’d […]

daily cappucino AUGUST 30th, 2013 Daily Cappuccino is known for its sharp eye when it comes to lifestyle, fashion and design. Today their eye fell on scheek-loudspeakers! Be sure to check the article they wrote through the link below. EXPLORE

stylecowboys AUGUST 30th, 2013 Style Cowboys – one of the most popular Dutch lifestyle networks – introduced the Scheek 1a to its readers. It is great to see that Style Cowboys speak with such enthusiasm about our first product. Read the article through the link below. EXPLORE

Vormplatform JULY 29th, 2013 Vormplatform explores intriguing shapes, and the Scheek 1a caught their attention! Visit their website through the link below to see the item! EXPLORE

TURN THE PAGE MAGAZINE JULY 16th, 2013 Our first feature in ink is a fact; Turn The Page magazine wrote a two-page feature about us! Turn The Page is an initiative of study association id of the TU Delft. Click the link below to view the article.

EYESPIRED JULY 3rd, 2013 EYESPIRED is a website about exceptional and inspiring things, and delivers your daily dosis of visual inspiration. Today they want to inspire you with the Scheek 1a! Click the link below to get your dosis of inspiration. EXPLORE

GIMMII Magazine JULY 2nd, 2013 Gimmii magazine wrote an article about ‘the scheek brothers’ and the design of the Scheek 1a! Gimmii is a magazine about the most promising (dutch) design. Through the link below you can visit the website, and enjoy the nice article. READ ARTICLE

MANIFY JUNE 25th, 2013 Manify wrote an article about us! Manify is an online magazine about the latetst trends in all things men should have. Click the link below to view the article. READ ARTICLE

LXRYLIFE JUNE 20th, 2013 LXRYLIFE wrote an article about the Scheek 1a. This website is about luxury in its broadest sense; from cars to a nice vacation. Click the link below to view the article. READ ARTICLE

100 likes! JUNE 14th, 2013 Gimmii magazine wrote an article about ‘the scheek brothers’ and the design of the Scheek 1a! Gimmii is a magazine about the most promising (dutch) design. Through the link below you can visit the website, and enjoy the nice article.

THINKECODESIGN MAY 24th, 2013 Thinkecodesign wrote an article about us! Their initiative is to inspire people to switch to a more environmental friendly and conscious lifestyle.To view the article, you can visit the website through the link below. READ ARTICLE

First owners 1a APRIL 25th, 2013 By now, you must have seen the Scheek 1a white edition. Did you know that we deliver Scheek 1a’s in every desired color? This is the set of the happy first owners of Scheek 1a. They desired a high gloss black finish, for a more mysterious look. What color […]

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