'Happy Spaces'

On this page, a number of projects that we have worked on (or are currently working on) will be displayed. These projects should give a good idea of the possibilities of Scheek Tailored.For further inspiration, we refer to our partner Tailored Residence. In their 'House of Inspiration' you will find Scheek concept speakers. If you would like us to get involved in your project please visit the Contact page under ABOUT.

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'We'de love to meet you'

If your interest has been tickled by the designs and you would like to know more, you can contact us to discuss your wishes.


'Knowledge comes through hearing'

To hear is to know. Visit our Premium dealer Designspeakers in Leiden to listen to Scheek speakers. Clikc the link below to make an appointment.


'Existence is the only limit'

Nature provides with an incredible library of beautiful materials, Scheek is able and willing to provide in a wide spectrum of these embodiments of color and structure.