'Our Story'

The Scheek 1a – the icon of scheek-loudspeakers – was the start in convincing people of the value of beautifully shaped high resolution sound. This model is currently under development into something much more than it was. Today, Scheek loudspeakers produces objects of sound in different price ranges, while maintaining the high Scheek standards. Most people are used to low resolution sound, provided by sound systems of big commercial brands (not all commercial brands deliver low sound quality; but the fact is that most do). Most of the time these loudspeakers are of a negative visual influence, or just 'acceptable'. We believe that sound should be represented elegantly: for ears and eyes. Everyone should at least once listen to high quality music on high end sound systems and experience the difference by themselves. The music you listen to daily will be represented with more detail, and things that were not hearable before will reach you as the composer/musician intended. The conventional idea of what a loudspeakers is does not apply to Scheek products. We make loudspeakers to enrich your view on sound.



'Interdisciplinary expert'

Timothy Scheek is the founder of scheek-loudspeakers. Long before the idea of starting this company his goal was to get as close as possible to creating the ultimate loudspeaker. This has been a long process of studying, research, and trial and error. With his product sound design background – where he acquired his interdisciplinary knowledge – he is now able to design the great things scheek-loudspeakers has to offer.


'Passionate creator'

As far back as his memory can take him, his interest in the following three things have always been present: inventing things, music and philosophy. The first of these three, led him to study Industrial Design Engineering at the University of Technology in Delft. Today, his strive is to create products that increase happiness, without damaging the nature the product was created from. With scheek-loudspeakers he is practicing this strive, and hoping to inspire others to share this way of thinking.


'Inspired by nature'

We from Scheek are inspired by nature, and use that inspiration to make loudspeakers. Loudspeakers which are intended to change the atmosphere of your room, as you listen to music, or watch a movie. Nature shapes our technology, technology is at the base of our designs. While striving to achieve the best in sound and design, we do also make loudspeakers that are environmental friendly; we want to preserve the nature that provides us our inspiration.

Our first strive is to accomplish the most pure quality of sound. The music you loved so much before should become even more enjoyable with scheek-loudspeakers. When we have achieved certainty about the sound quality we deliver, the next step is to pour this high quality sound into a high quality design object. This is not a great step, since both qualities are intertwined; the technique inspired by nature already has an intrinsic beauty which functions as the basis of the final aesthetic design. In the part about aesthetics there is more to read about our vision on beauty and design. While doing these two things, we keep checking what impact our decisions have on the environment.


'All the latest'

There is always something interesting going on in and around Scheek, and this page enables you to stay informed.


'Curved Captivating Power'

Scheek M-series are perhaps the worlds most powerful and complete compact loudspeaker. The technology and many parts in this loudspeaker are derived from our first creation:The 1a.


'Preserving our inspiration'

As time advances, and nature becomes more and more exhausted by our way of living, we need to spend more time and thought on preversing the environment that we have.