scheek Tailored

'Sound That Fits You'

Sound is something that can come in many forms and shapes. A range of standard products is always limited, while our imagination and the variation in rooms is not. To ensure that your music is played in the most elegant and qualitative way, Scheek Tailored delivers shapes of sound in the broadest variety. Sound is no longer bound by what we know as loudspeakers, it is freed and placed into objects that you would like to have instead of objects you see as a necessary evil. Also the freedom in location and environment is broadend beyond the known horizon: outdoors, indoors, in bathrooms, restaurants, public spaces; every place that is used by humans deserves high quality sound and design. Scheek Tailored is ready to enrich your view on sound.



'A dashing look '

A sight for sore eyes instead of an eyesore: hard to find among loudspeakers. Even the most beautiful ones do not always fit in your interior because of size, color or shape. Scheek Tailored creates objects of sound that meet the requirements of the room. Because of the knowledge and contacts in interior trends combined with a fast production team, Scheek Tailored is able to offer something that is fresh and completely new to the market. Looking for a small jewel-like copper eye-catcher or a human-high statue? If it can be imagined it can be created.


'A flawless fit'

If the room requires sound but does not allow the addition of a new object, Scheek Tailored integrates sound into objects that already are a part of the interior design. A piece of furniture, a vase or a lamp: all objects that have enough volume to contain a small or sizable loudspeaker. Especialy subwoofers (big blocks that never add to the room's aesthetic) can easily be integrated into many objects or floors.



'Blank space'

You have a beautiful space (decorated or completely empty) and are without inspiration. By engaging in a conversation with us, together we come to a ideas that you would not have thought of. We develop a list of requirements and wishes, and draw up designs that you will fall in love with. The result is an object of sound that complements the interior in a way that standard products cannot.


'We follow you'

You have come up with a design and would like us to realise it. From your idea (or maybe even a sketch) we make an analysis on acoustic feasability and quality. After making the necessary adjustments we share the design that will display sound according to our quality standards. Upon your aproval the design is brought into existence with great precision by passionate engineers and craftsmen.


'Bespoke pieces'

If you are working with an (interior)architect or decorator, we will work closely with them in creating the design. A 'bespoke' statue of sound or a subtle work of elegance: we are intrigued by inspired people. Architects certainly have a good sense of what would fit the room in sense of shape, size and materials. Through coöperation the most holistic rooms are created. We have the pleasure of knowing great architects that guarantee true high end results.


'All matters matter'

Scheek believes that when you place an object in a room, – which then takes a certain amount of space - it should contribute positively to the room it is in. A neutral contribution does not exist; everything that takes room adds or subtracts to the comfort and experience (if only for the reason that adding objects to a certain space makes the place physically smaller). We see it as our duty to create an object which adds to the comfort and positive experience of a room.


'Existence is the only limit'

The perfect fit is the only acceptable fit. You should not have to compromise in sense of material choice. Scheek is the only loudspeaker company that offers an almost unlimited range in material possibilities. The only limit is that the material has to exist. Take a walk through our current library, which we update regularly.

Incredible technology

'Beauty on the outside, beast on the inside'

Every Scheek speaker has a high standing cabinet, and drivers and components of the best quality. Scheek Tailored has the benefit of giving us the freedom to select the best fitting drivers, cabinet materials and components for the specific situation. The Exo and - or Endoskeleton are applied when necessary to have the rigidity that one expects from a Scheek speaker. Each specific use and situation asks for different techniques and optimization. With DSP technology we are able to digitally optimize the sound to the acoustics of your room. Visit the technology pages to learn more about the technologies that are applied.


Architects & more

'Together we create'

We have had the pleasure to work with great architects, designers and technicians. In the section below you will find examples of architects and partners from projects we have been involved with or are involved with.


'Pictures tell thousands of words'

If your interest has been tickled by the designs and you would like to have a set for yourself, you can order loudspeakers on the BUY page. Contact us to discuss your wishes.


'Knowledge comes through hearing'

To hear is to know. Visit our Premium dealer Designspeakers in Leiden to listen to Scheek speakers. Clikc the link below to make an appointment.


'Existence is the only limit'

Nature provides with an incredible library of beautiful materials, Scheek is able and willing to provide in a wide spectrum of these embodiments of color and structure.